About Me

My name is Christopher Heald. I was born in Berkshire, UK in 1974.

I studied Fine Art for six years, and began painting consistently in 2008.

I have an urge to paint because of how I see nature, it’s colours and light. Painting the true beauty of nature is impossible, but aiming for the impossible and natural progression is what drives me to paint and draw everyday.

The joy of being in nature, is being able to feel the elements, the sense of space and scale, and the beautiful colours created by light and shadow, I would like the viewer to feel that in my paintings.  A landscape is brought to life by the light and atmosphere upon it, creating a harmony of colours specific to that moment you are seeing. With that in mind, I’ll often look for surfaces and shapes within a landscape, that will show that moment of light and atmosphere best.

I paint each element of a landscape as if I’m creating it. I’ll move and twist my palette knife as if I’m actually creating the rocks or water etc. I build up a painting with layers that create a texture and form the effect I would like to show.

I love Japanese prints and like to explore compositions that may not be natural or traditional, and trying to communicate to the viewer what the light and weather is doing without showing it directly.

I can either be found painting my studies out in the landscape or back at my studio in East Yorkshire working up the effects to completion. I work predominantly in oils as for a painter who loves colour, oils have a delicious richness to them.

I have exhibited in the U.K. and France, and have paintings in private collections in the U.K., Europe, Hong Kong, Canada and the US.



Painting on the Promenade Le Corbusier, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Cote D’Azur 2019.


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