Please either email or phone me with any enquiries, or just to say hello at the following –

Email –

Phone – 07985105397

Facebook – Christopher Heald Art

Instagram – Christopher Heald

I am always happy to discuss any ideas for commissions that you may have. I always love seeing what the next challenge will be, whether it be a specific view or somewhere special to you.

Just email me some thoughts and I’ll be happy to give you advice on what may work best, and a preliminary indication of price. Thank you.

“I first met Christopher in the Duck Ponds market in Richmond and was struck by all the beautiful paintings he had on display. My husband and I have only lived in Richmond for three years but Christopher seemed to have painted lots of our favourite places. We eventually decided to buy a painting showing our most treasured spot of all: Richmond Bridge, and from the same perspective as where we often enjoy live music and picnics in the summer.

From the start, Christoper answered all our questions in a friendly and informative manner, but in no way pretentious as we have sometimes found with other artists. He even accepted what we thought was a crazy idea: to add the two of us walking over the bridge. So now the painting has a personal touch and a story which we’ve already started telling friends and family. Thank you Chris for creating something so special, and if we ever have to move from Richmond, we can still take part of it with us.”

– Mr and Mrs Baddeley





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