‘The Beauty of East Yorkshire’ comes to Halsham.
An exhibition of paintings by Christopher Heald.
7th September 2018 – January 2019.

This September sees the launch of ‘The Beauty of East Yorkshire’, a selection of paintings by Christopher Heald, at Halsham Waterside Farm shop and cafe.

This selection of paintings by Christopher are a celebration of his first year of exploring and painting the natural landscape of East Yorkshire.

Christopher moved up to East Yorkshire two years ago. ‘It took about a year of getting settled and finishing off work from a France and Italy trip, until I began to turn my attention to my surroundings. Painting gives you wonderful opportunities to explore and look at the natural world around you. East Yorkshire has been a delight to get to know, and I have met such lovely supportive people.

When I look at a landscape, I ask myself questions, what colours am I actually seeing, and how is the light and atmosphere effecting those colours. It is after some time that the beauty becomes apparent, because with black not existing in nature, every shadow no matter how dark is a colour or a combination of colours. The air also is not completely transparent, it is violet, which also adjusts colours and can also create wonderful colour harmonies.

Seeing these beautiful colours is why I’m a painter, it’s what drives me to want to paint. Many paintings I do are because of the colours, as opposed to the subject matter. Painting the true beauty of nature is impossible, but I love the idea of trying to achieve something not possible. I hope that by working towards that, I will always see progression and hopefully achieve some good things.

Christopher is a painter in the romantic sense. He can be found waiting for the sunrise on the cliffs at Bempton, or walking the fields on a sunny Spring day. ‘I prefer to work up paintings to completion back in my studio, as the initial lay in of colour is rarely strong enough to achieve the effects I would like’. He has paintings in private collections in the UK, France, Ukraine, Norway, Canada and Hong Kong; and has exhibited in the UK and France.

‘My wife and I love to visit Halsham Waterside. The beautiful homemade cakes and produce on offer is overshadowed only by their friendship and wonderful welcome. It is such a pleasure to have some paintings there and hopefully have them enjoyed.



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